What wedding is complete without a party? Sewwandi and Taylor first held an intimate ceremony at Sarathchandra Buddhist Center (check that out here!), then came together with family and friends to celebrate at Rancho Cordillera del Norte.

Celebrating Love and Family at the Rancho Cordillera del Norte

Following a meaningful ceremony that celebrated both their cultures, Sewwandi and Taylor’s families gathered at Rancho Cordillera del Norte to celebrate the start of their journey as husband and wife. You’ll never meet a group of family and friends that is as loving, welcoming, quirky, and warm as those that Sewwandi and Taylor have surrounded themselves with. 

You can read all about Sewwandi and Taylor’s love story here––and learn why this was such a special wedding for me to photograph. 

This entire day was joyous, colorful, and full of nods to Sri Lankan tradition, but, let’s take a moment to let out a collective gasp for Sewwandi’s amazingly intricate and gorgeous bridal gown. I mean, that headpiece! Have you ever seen something so stunning?!

Sewwandi and Taylor did an incredible job of creating an experience that was thoughtful and inclusive for each and every one of their guests. While the official marriage ceremony was held with a much smaller group, there were elements of tradition and ritual woven throughout their wedding day. That’s the key to a two-part wedding celebration––make your guests feel special whether it’s round one or round two (or, hey, have as many parties as you want!). 

Wise Words from the Bride Herself

And, to leave with a few wise words from this bride who is as eloquent as she is beautiful,  “Don’t get caught up in the hype of needing a big, lavish wedding. The best part of the wedding is the togetherness and the love of the people witnessing your union.”

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