Wedding Invite Basics + a Fun Take on Classic Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower Invitations

We’ve partnered with Basic Invite to talk about all things wedding invitations today –– and to share these tiffany blue bridal shower invitations that Megan personalized for an elegant occasion. 

Not to toot our own horn, but, when we meet newly engaged couples, we’re often one of their first stops. Excited couples nail down the date, secure a venue, and then start contacting photographers who have caught their eye on Instagram.

That means we’re around for every decision that follows –– and, from the flowers to the caterer to the music, we’re happy to share the planning tips we’ve picked up along the way!

Let’s Talk Invitations

So, today, let’s talk invitations. From engagement parties to rehearsal dinners to showers to THE WEDDING, you’ll have more than a few opportunities to let your personality shine through invitations and paper goods. 

When you sit down to choose your save-the-date, think about whether you want to create a cohesive look from the very first envelope your guests receive up until the day that they’re sitting at your ceremony or whether you want to use each occasion as an opportunity to introduce a fun, new look.

Do you swoon over those perfectly styled detail shots? You know the ones –– photos with wedding invitations, jewelry, ribbon, stamps flowers, and all those beautifully curated pieces that tell the story of your big day.

If that’s 100% you and you’re dreaming of your wedding day details coming together in an artful arrangement, you might want to design invitations that mimic your color palette and incorporate some of the motifs from your wedding day vision (think roses, evergreen trees, or nautical touches!). Basic Invite makes it easy to customize your invites to your wedding day with over 900 designs, 180 color options, 40 envelope colors, and custom samples so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Plus, don’t forget to consider the actual logistics of getting these babies out! Basic Invite makes it easy-peasy to collect addresses, order envelopes with free address printing (trust me, DO THIS!!), and keep track of the invitations you’ve sent for each event.

Timeless Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower Invitations

If you’re looking for an invitation that’s classic, yet also fun and a bit quirky, check out these tiffany blue bridal shower invitations.

The great thing about Basic Invite’s super customizable designs is that you’re not locked into using them for one purpose. Not having a bridal shower? Use these invitations for any engagement party or any celebratory event!

And, If Someone Loses Their Invitation…

Some people hang every invitation they receive up on the fridge, some put everything right into their Google calendar…and some…don’t. But, this is why you have a wedding website with all of your information readily available! 

Basic Invite offers free wedding information websites that are mobile-friendly and super easy-to-use (no coding skills required!). It’ll take you just minutes to pull together and, yes, you can customize your website to match the invitations you’ve chosen!

Looking For More Information?

Still need a bit more inspiration as you wade through the invitation options? Feel free to shoot us any questions you might have about choosing invitations that will photograph beautifully on your wedding day –- we’re always happy to help!

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