Megan and Allen have been together for 4.5 years and they are having the BEST time as Los Angeles wedding photographers! They both grew up in Florida and although they lived near one another, they never connected until college (theater class! Ask them about this story and they will tell all!). They graduated and went their separate ways. They reconnected a year later at a mutual friend’s party and the rest is history!

After their first few months of dating, Allen moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. They were long distance for a year which was difficult, but they definitely feel like it created the strength that their relationship possesses today. After that very long year, Allen moved back to Florida and in August 2017, the two ventured across the country to start their life together back in Los Angeles. They took a 10-day road trip stopping at places like the Rocky Mountains and Zion National Park along the way (taking millions of pictures of course!). They now happily live in North Hollywood with their cat (named Cat).

Megan has been a wedding photographer for 5 years but has been taking photos her entire life. Photography is a big part of her family's history: her great-grandparents owned a photography studio in Miami for 28 years and her grandfather built his own darkroom in his garage. Allen has been assisting Megan with shoots since 2016 and became her official second shooter and partner a year later.

Megan and Allen enjoy hiking, playing board games (ask Allen ANYTHING about D&D), watching television, listening to podcasts and cooking together. They road trip when they can and eat wayyy too much Thai food. They both have extensive backgrounds working in theater and in addition to photographing the weddings of their amazing couples, Megan is pursuing work as a choreographer and Allen is a voice actor. The pair’s draw to the stage and screen stems from their joy of storytelling. Megan and Allen have the honor and privilege of preserving your most treasured moments, and they can’t wait to tell your story!